Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone_Girl_(Flynn_novel)Edition: E-Book
Published: Weidenfeld & Nicolson (24 May 2012)
Genre: Adult, mystery, thriller
Rating: 5 stars

*Closes book after finishing reading*

Immediate reaction: WTF. This is one f***ed up book.

I feel like Gone Girl has been a book that I have been wanting to read since…forever. The film was released last year and it was like telling me, ‘you gotta read this!’ And now there I am, finished with this book. The Goodreads rating is only 3.97 and I understand all the readers’ point of it not hitting the 4 star mark. Thank you for the recommendation @neddi-style!

In a nutshell, basically boy meets girl. They fell in love. Boy marries girl. It lasts five years and then girl goes missing on their fifth anniversary. Coincidence? I think not. Nick becomes prime suspect and everyone believes that Nick killed her…but Amy and Nick’s troubled marriage is the real answer that lurks behind Amy’s disappearance.


If there was anything I learnt from the last thriller/crime/mystery book I read (it was Dangerous Girls), it was that you should never trust the narrator. They are unreliable, and I was right, because Amy and Nick were so unreliable. This is the thing is first person perspective – they hide things and don’t tell the full truth. You can’t trust these characters. I’d read a chapter from Nick’s POV talking about Amy and she doesn’t sound like a likeable character and then I’d read an entry from Amy’s diary talking about Nick and he sounds like an awful husband. They both have different stories to tell and it doesn’t make sense, and that’s why this book is constantly ‘GOTCHA!’ I said to myself I will not be fooled and I will work it out but damn, I was fooled! Ah but I love it. I think that’s the best thing about a book, where your having all these questions, theories and speculations and then GOTCHA, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

It’s always been said (esp. by Stephen King) that it is very important to be have brilliant opening paragraph because it should invite the reader in.
The opening paragraph for Gone Girl is definitely the weirdest opening paragraph I’ve ever read. Basically Nick starts off by describing the shape of Amy’s skull and imagining finding out what’s in it. I thought that was really weird. Why are you talking about cracking your wife’s skull and wanting to find out what’s in it? But now that I finished reading, I understand why.

Nick and Amy losing their jobs because of the recession reflects on Gillian Flynn laid off at Entertainment Weekly. Nick blamed his lay off because of the Internet, which is a stupid reason to blame the Internet. The world has to move on. This isn’t a story about love but supposedly Nick and Amy were once in love but in the end, they had a very troubled marriage. Amy’s parents had written a successfully series of books called ‘Amazing Amy,’ they made a lot of money but these books are bluntly a carbon copy of Amy. Because of this Amy had to keep up with being perfect, brilliant, cool girl, Amazing Amy. She had to be the girl that everyone loved because everyone loves the cool girl.

It’s hard to review this without revealing any spoilers. So if you have already read it, you can click to read my spoiler section here, but if you haven’t read Gone Girl yet, then do not click on the link because spoilers will ruin the book for you. It’s best to read this without knowing anything apart from the blurb. 

So the reason why I rarely and I mean rarely give 5 star ratings is because the story itself has to be brilliant and mind-blowingly good. I didn’t think this would be a 5 star book. This is a dark book and there was a lot of swearing in it using the F-word but it didn’t bother me as much because I was so into the story, particularly in Parts 2 and 3! It was so good. Part 1 was a bit of a drag to get through. I couldn’t put it down and I really enjoyed reading it. Gillian Flynn had written this book so incredibly well, especially on Amy’s POV. It was a such as mind-f*** book and I loved it.

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Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

  1. (Sorry, I actually read your review hours ago on my phone, but didn’t get to comment. So I’m back, haha.) You made a lot of valid points in your review, but I’m actually one of those that gave it a 2 on goodreads. I agree that the beginning was very weird, but I’ve read more bizarre openings, one is Brave New World. (Actually, that ENTIRE book is pretty psychedelic.) Anyway, Gone Girl just wasn’t for me, but I do plan to give Flynn another try with Dark Places. Nice review! ^.^

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