First Book Haul

Hi Everyone ^_^

Sharing with you my first book haul (it’s more of a collective haul), accumulated from Sept-Jan! I really enjoy seeing what everyone else’s brought in their book hauls. I didn’t think I’d ever do a book haul, as I don’t buy a lot of books at the same time. I read a lot of e-books, as it takes up less space and convenient when your on the go. I know it sort of takes away the real feeling of reading an actual book but I’ve grown use to it.

But in August of last year, I looked at my shelf and thought that I should really build on my shelf and buy some new books and here I am! After reading e-books for so long, it was really nice to read physical books and also they look lovely on the shelf.


DSC03390The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

I had such a long debate between The Penguin Threads edition of The Secret Garden or the latest Vintage Classics edition. In the end I went for the Penguin Threads edition because the cover won me over! I really liked the embossed embroidery. It has French flaps and the pages are bound with a deckled edge, which means it has a frayed texture to the edges to resemble a handmade Etsy appeal.

Not exactly a reading book per se but I wanted to include it – my friend brought me Secret Garden postcard edition by Johanna Basford for my birthday, which I was really happy about as I’ve seen it in Cass Art and really liked the illustrations. I never saw the point of colouring books for adults until I received one! They are actually really relaxing and fun.

DSC03434Secret Garden postcard edition by Johanna Basford | The Secret Garden by frances Hodgson Burnett



I watched BBC’s Ballet Shoes (starring Emma Watson) when it first aired on BBC One in 2007 and I remembered I liked it. Then in December of last year, I decided to watch it again and I loved it so much that I watched it at least four times! It was adorable and charming. I needed to purchase myself a copy of the book and thus created the beginning of my children’s classics phase.

Usually I like my books in paperback (unless only the hardcover is available) so I was pretty set on the paperback edition of Ballet Shoes, as it was £3.49 from Amazon but then I saw the hardcover!


DSC03372Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

I read All The Bright Places as a e-book and since I liked it so much, I felt like I needed a physical copy to reread it. Whilst out with my dad in London for my birthday doing some father-daughter ‘bonding,’ there was a buy one get one half price promotion at Waterstones in the YA department, so my dad brought this one and I Am Malala ^_^


DSC03468Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon | All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


DSC03494The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty | In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware | I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai


DSC03519Night Owls by Jenn Bennet | The Universe In Your Hand by Christophe Galfard




These are four of the e-books I downloaded. Never Never was on a free promotion on Kindle, so I jumped into the chance to read it 🙂 Looking forward to reviewing The Kind Worth Killing sometime soon! It was a really good fast-paced thriller.

I’m quite happy with these books. I’ve reviewed most of these on this blog or goodreads 😉 so far I am currently reading In A Dark, Dark Wood and got three more books to read on this haul before I plan on another collective haul. Now I see why many book bloggers/booktubers need to go on book buying bans lol.

Have you read any of these?


7 thoughts on “First Book Haul

  1. ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL BOOKS!!! Okay, I’ve calmed down now. But I love all these covers/spines/photos so much. When I see readers like you picking up physical books so carefully and thoughtfully, I wonder if I should do an unhaul one day where I get rid of books I’ve lost interest in or don’t want anymore… but then again I think of the money I invested to purchase them and I can’t let go. I’m sure I will give them away eventually though. But anyway, I love that Penguin Threads Secret Garden! Why does Penguin/Puffin make the most beautiful classics? I want to have all the sets without having multiple copies of the same book! And I am still so envious of your Night Owls edition! The name and the cover is much more appropriate and gorgeous. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Summer! ^_^ Yeah I’ve been quite selective which books to buy, as I have a small shelf lol. I’ve tried to choose ones that I might reread 🙂 I need to do a unhaul as well! I understand what you mean, investing your money in books and then giving them away… It’s a good idea to do a unhaul if you need to make room for new books though! Penguin redesign books beautifully so that us booklovers will buy it XD Do they sell this edition of Night Owls in the US? Agree, this edition summarises the mood of the book so well!
      Now that I’ve brought physical books, I want more books! I think it literally makes my shelf happy lol.


  2. There is too much gorgeous in this one post oh my god. Though I am mainly distracted by the stunning cover of Secret Garden – it looks sublime!! I would buy it just to stroke the book.
    I loved Everything. Everything – such a heartwarming read. I don’t know what The Universe Is In Your Hand is about but I am intrigued bc of the space cover!

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    1. Thanks, Aentee! 🙂 I think the Secret Garden is my favourite cover right the moment! Can’t resist a pretty cover. I was actually quite disappointed by Everything Everything but the illustrations were lovely. I’ve written a review on The Universe In Your Hand, here It is basically understanding a bit more about our universe. It’s quite a complicated read if you don’t have a background in physics but it is interesting though!


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