Book Review: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

6547260Edition: Paperback, 763 pages
Published by: Gollancz, 21st August 2007
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Fiction, High Fantasy
Completed: 9th June 2016

The impossible has happened. The Lord Ruler is dead has been vanquished. But so too is Kelsier the man who masterminded the triumph. The awesome task of rebuilding the world has been left to his protege Vin; a one-time street urchin, now the most powerful Mistborn in the land.

Worryingly for her Vin has become the focus of a new religion, a development that leaves her intensely uneasy. More worryingly still the mists have become unpredictable since the Lord Ruler died and a strage vaprous entity is stalking Vin.

As the siege of Luthadel intensifies the ancient legend of the Well of Ascension offers the only glimmer of hope. But no-one knows where it is or what it can do…


Itโ€™s going to be so hard to review this book without spoilers, as there is a hella lot to talk about! But Iโ€™m going to try and keep this spoiler free ๐Ÿ™‚

In a nutshell, the plot is centred solely around three armies who want to take Luthadel because they want the atium; therefore Vin, Elend and the crew will to do whatever it takes to protect it. This book challenges Elendโ€™s leadership skills, as heโ€™s in a position where people will look up to him. As you can tell from the title, this book is also about the mystery of The Well of Ascension, especially with the prophesied โ€˜heroโ€™ and the deepness.

Iโ€™m going to start with my overall thoughts on it, which I donโ€™t usually start with in reviews but because SO MUCH happened, it would lead into spoilers. Anyway, I really loved it, hence the 4 star rating. This was a pleasant surprise because I was pretty much on the fence with Mistborn, which I rated a 3 stars. I just found it hard to get into and to understand the concept. However with the second book, I found myself enjoying it a lot. The only thing is the length; it is the longest out of the three. It is 763 pages long, which I feel could have been cut back 200 pages or so.

I would say that the pacing is really slow, given the length of the book. However, gradually it does pick up the more you read. It does take a lot of motivation, that’s why it has taken me over a month to actually finish it!

Just like the first book, we have some great character development. In the first book, Vin kept to herself and didnโ€™t speak that much to anyone because she just didnโ€™t trust anyone, which was one thing she learnt from her brother, that people would betray you once they get the chance. Eventually she did gain trust from people she can happily call her friends. In this book, she was more talkative and likeable. I have to say, Vin kicks some major ASS! Sheโ€™s a very independent and strong character; does not need anyone to take care of her and I admire that.

I think Sazed shined in this book! I really enjoyed reading about his character; heโ€™s a very smart and intelligent person. Dockson just got on my nerves. Zane was a very interesting character โ€“ can’t say any more than that. Straff Venture is a sorry excuse for a father and reminds me of Tywin Lannister. I like how secondary characters arenโ€™t just background characters, as they also have a vital role within the story.

My favourite moments are Vin bonding with OreSeur; it was so cute. Like a girl bonding with her dog! OreSeur is quite witty; I donโ€™t think he intentionally means to be! There was this one scene where Vin was working on the floor. OreSeur asks why doesnโ€™t Vin worked on the table and she says all the papers are everywhere. OreSeur says, well one could simply remove them or perhaps you could use pewter to move them? That was hilarious. This dog is sassy!

That ending though! It literally made my jaw fell open. I was not expecting that at all and it left me reeling. I thought, okay I must read the next book immediately! It has been three weeks ago since I read the second book but I havenโ€™t started the third book yet because I know Iโ€™ll need to make effort and time for it but I am looking forward to reading it ๐Ÿ™‚




6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

  1. Ahh your review reminded me of why I love Sazed too! I’m a sucker for old mentors in books haha. I’m glad you enjoyed this one more than the Final Empire. I think this one is my favorite out of the three.

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    1. Thanks Carolyn! That scene where he was giving Vin and Elend relationship advice was funny XD Like Dumbledore! Thanks, I’m still surprised with it! Usually if I don’t like the first book in the series, than I wouldn’t carry on but since I brought the box set, I had no choice lol. Glad to hear it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Fabulous review, Thuong! I really, really want to read this series one day! However, as you already know, I have qualms with each of the volumes being so thick. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this installment though. Endearing and well developed characters are simply the best! Also, thanks for keeping this review spoiler free. It must have been so difficult with so much happening. XD

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    1. Thank you Summer! Same here, thick books are always so intimidating and requires a lot of time and patience XD agree with you there! Aw your welcome. I just knew my entire review would be so spoiler-y and I didn’t want to ruin it for others ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’ll enjoy the Mistborn series once you get the chance to read it! ^_^

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