Moleskine journal snippets #1

Non-bookish post. Similar to the Wreck This Journal entries, I was thinking of posting snippets from my moleskine journal – that too I brought about two years ago or so and its just been chilling on the side of my desk, not being filled in. To be honest, I just completely forgot my moleskine ever existed. I look at it the other day and thought to myself, wow I got to draw or doodle in it more often!

The reason why I brought it was the same reason for Wreck This Journal – I wanted to draw more. Due to its small size (A6) it just didn’t made me want to work in it as I prefer to work on an A4 size, but since I have it, I’ll make use it of more (hopefully anyway). This is the sketches I’ve done thus far:

Untitled 4


This was the first page I drew. I was going to watch Into The Woods at the cinemas, which was the inspiration for this sketch. My friends hated it! I could see why. It was the music and the plot felt a bit off at times. Other than that I did like the scenery.


I really enjoy drawing hair. I never use to be good at it. I use to just draw lines at school and didn’t actually sketch it out properly, like you should. Drawing hair is quite difficult because there are too many too lines but it requires patience and I started to enjoy it the more I draw of it. On my art instagram, I’ve illustrated a lot of hair. It seems like the only thing I can do XD


I was feeling rather creative one day and wanted to illustrate a crappy book cover (lol). It’s more of a definition of ‘Skinny Love’ than a book cover.


I was inspired by compasses and the idea of finding your own way. There’s an illustrator called Rebecca Blair, who illustrated a lot of these in her moleskine journals and I was basically inspired by her work.


I found this illustration of a girl holding a camera and thought thats the picture I’ve been looking for all my life XD just fits perfectly for a story I had planned to write but can’t put it down onto paper. So this will be a reminder what I can’t finish lol.


Any thoughts?


14 thoughts on “Moleskine journal snippets #1

    1. Really? Thank you! ^_^
      I’m hoping to draw better sketches as these ones are quite old! I need to get cracking with my WTJ.
      The movie was pretty overrated, there was so much advertising that made it seem like it would be a great movie! it was a disappointment.

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