Book Review: Never Never, Part 3 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

25454883Edition: e-Book, 92 pages
Published by: Hoover Ink
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
Rating: 2 stars
Completed: 10th August 2016

New York Times bestselling authors Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher are back with the much-anticipated final installment in the Never Never novella series.

Together, Silas Nash and Charlize Wynwood must look deeper into the past to find out who they were and who they want to be. With time ticking down, the couple are in a race to find the answers they need before they lose everything.

Can they regain what they once had? And will it restore who they once were?

Untitled 4

Part 3 picks up from where we left off on Part 2 and I see RED because I’m rather frustrated and annoyed with the final outcome of this novella series, as expected from the negative reviews so far.

This review will contain SPOILERS. It’s hard to review this without spoiling anything. So if you haven’t yet read Part 1 and 2 yet, then maybe you should but if you don’t care, then read on. Here we go:




I was looking forward to finally discovering why Charlie and Silas have been losing their memories every 48 hours but did you know what it was?! Out of all the mystery books written out there, this is possibly the lamest and worst one. The reason why was because they are soulmates. So let me get this straight… Charlie and Silas were having troubles with their relationship, so fate or destiny decided to intervene and take matters into its own hands, by making them forget their memories, but it decided to not let them forget to know how to learn how to drive and use a smartphone.

OKAY, why build up all that suspense and mystery in Part 1? If this was the final outcome, then what was the point? It made it sound like it was a bigger mystery than it actually was. It was extremely anti-climactic, even the epilogue didn’t make up for it! I thought this is the book where I’ll get my answers but I was disappointed that it was such a huge cop out! It was as if Hoover and Fisher were too lazy to even write about it, even Hoover rated it 1 star!

There are so many plot holes. This sorry excuse for a ‘so called’ mystery didn’t explain the blood on Silas’ bed sheets in Part 1 (I mean what was that all about?) The conflicting family drama between Charlie and Silas’ fathers and why Silas hid the file – I wanted to know what that was all about. Also in Part 2, when Janine and Cora (the Shrimp) kept Charlie hostage, what was that all about?? So many questions with unexplained answers.

My initial theory was that someone clearly didn’t like Charlie and Silas. I mean why wouldn’t they? Charlie and Silas sounded like very mean, selfish and unlikeable teenagers and because of that, a certain someone wanted to teach them a lesson. There was something supernatural about the plot, but did my theory come true? No it didn’t.

Part 1 was about the mystery, Part 2 was about finding Charlie and as for Part 3, for the most part was heavily centred on the romance aspect – very clichéd and lovey dovey, if you asked me.

This novella series had huge potential but it didn’t deliver. This was not a solid ending to a series. Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher call it a finished book, I call it lazy writing.

As a person who loves reading mystery and thriller books, I just don’t think this genre are Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher’s forte. Maybe they should just stick to romance.

The only good thing I can say is Silas still remains to be one of my favourite male fictional characters.

I digress.


2 out of 5 stars



4 thoughts on “Book Review: Never Never, Part 3 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

  1. I wish I could unread Never Never Part 3. The ending of Part 2 would totally do for me, compared to how it all ended in the third installment. Totally agree with everything you said here. That build up in the first and second books are the best, but how it all ended was so meh.

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