The Harry Potter Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Summer @Xing Sings to do the Harry Potter Tag. I was very late to the party when I read Harry Potter and yep I was hiding under a rock! I read the first book in 2012 but finished the series in 2013.

Brief story: The first time I heard of Harry Potter was when I was 10 years old. I was sat in my classroom, my teacher was reading it to us and I was not listening. I mean, not that the book wasn’t good, it’s just at that age I couldn’t sit there and listen, but the name Harry Potter rings a bell. Then about 2 years later when I was 12 and started Secondary School, the film came out and there was a huge hype about it, which I didn’t understand. There was a school trip to see the film, I went to see it and I liked it, but clearly not enough to read it. I’ve seen all the films, apart from Deathly Hallows; the problem with watching the films is that I didn’t understand a thing that was going on! I needed to read the books I understand it better.

I felt like I needed to express this tag in gifs.

On with the questions:

1. Favorite book?

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”

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