Review: The Universe In Your Hand: A Journey Through Space, Time and Beyond by Christophe Galfard

26145707Edition: Hardcover, 436 pages
Published by: MacMillan, 28th August 2015
Genre: Science, Non-fiction
Rating: 3 stars
Completed: 19th October 2015 

An instant popular science classic that explains the mysteries of physics for readers of all ages

Imagine if The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy were a real, practical book about the mysteries of the universe…

The Universe In Your Hand takes us on a wonder-filled journey to the surface of our dying Sun, shrinks us to the size of an atom and puts us in the deathly grip of distant Black Holes. Along the way you might come to understand, really understand, the mind-bending science that underpins modern life, from Quantum Mechanics to Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

Through brilliant storytelling and humour rather than headache-inducing graphs and equations, internationally renowned astrophysicist Christophe Galfard has written an instant classic that brings the astonishing beauty of the universe to life – and takes us deep into questions about the existence of God, the beginning of time and the future of humanity.

If you’re like me and you are really fascinated by the universe and how it was created (The Big Bang Theory), then you’re going to want to pick this one up! I was browsing in Waterstones, (like I usually do) checking out the new releases when I saw this book, picked it up and thought, ‘I need to read this!’ I’ve had an interest in astronomy ever since I studied a small module of it in Science, but my knowledge of it has not progressed since then, so this book was the perfect opportunity for me to find out more about the universe.

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