Review Policy

All opinions on book reviews posted on this blog are my own, whether they are positive or negative opinions. I will take time and try my best to review books based on my thoughts of it in a honest and considerate way.

Some genres I enjoy reading:

  • Children’s
  • Contemporary
  • Crime/mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Romance (no erotica)
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Non-Fiction (depending on interest)
  • Young Adult

For any inquiries or review requests, please see my contacts page.

Rating System:

I rate books between 5 to 1 in feathers, rather than stars. I’ve seen some book bloggers review in objects, so I thought it would be interesting and little different to use feathers as a rating.

feathers 21-00-53

5 Feathers

WOW. LOVED. It checked all the right boxes. This was absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend. This is a rare book.


4.5 Feathers

It didn’t quite hit the 5 star mark, as there was some flaws but it was very very good.


4 Feathers

I really enjoyed it and it was a very good read. I recommend!


3.5 Feathers

I did like it but it was not quite there yet for a 4-star rating. There were flaws but it wasn’t all bad. Nonetheless it was good.


3 Feathers

I enjoyed it. It’s a okay and average read. It was not bad but something felt missing. However it wasn’t a complete waste of time.


2.5 Feathers

Ah… it was not quite there yet. It was okayish but probably did not hold my interest.


2 Feathers

I disliked it. A lot of things annoyed/bothered me.

1.5 Feathers

Something’s gone awfully wrong…


1 Feather

I really disliked it. It was hard for me o get through but a miracle that I even finished it. There were probably a lot of flaws, found the writing flat, couldn’t connect to the characters or maybe the story did not interest me. It just wasn’t for me.


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