Wanderings: South London’s Old English Garden

When it was announced that you could meet up with another person outside of your household, my friend and I decided to meet up (keeping our 2metre distance) and go for a run at the park. I was so excited to finally meet another human! Two years ago I came across the most beautiful garden at Streatham Common park called the Rookery Garden and I really wanted to revisit it before going for the run. It’s a hidden treasure! It’s like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and a fairytale. Gardens are my happy place, I find it so relaxing and good for well-being.

Following the opening of the Rookery, it has become fashionable to stroll in the gardens on a Sunday afternoon. Ladies would parade here in their fine clothes and bonnets and gentlemen would wear smart suits and either straw boaters or bowler hats.
– From an article in the Lambeth Press.

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Wanderings: London’s Hampstead Heath

This is a non-bookish post about places I’ve visited. I will still continue to waffle and gush about books on this blog but I want to combine some things I love as well, such as minimalism, travel and photography. I did have a separate blog for that, but its not inactive at the moment and it’s just easier to post everything on one blog.

Before lockdown, my friend and I both had a free day and we arranged a day to visit Hampstead Heath. I am on a mission in finding all the hidden gems in London because it is one of the best cities in the world and there’s more to London than just Oxford Circus. Once you leave the tube station, it’s like a little village (an affluent at that) and you have to do lots of walking around to come across little boutique shops and houses.

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